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The Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, and Nevada based companies sell, service, and repair bulk and heavy hauling equipment such as pneumatics, live bottoms, hoppers, dumps, lowboys, blowers, and hydraulics. We also provide OEM and custom built parts and accessories for all products! Nearly all operations have the capabilities of performing minor and major wreck repair with customer request for custom alterations.  The blower shops rebuild and install PTO units on customer trucks.  Each blower shop has a test  room to check each rebuilt blower under pressure before returning it to the customer. Most of the locations have a complete line of inventory of parts for blowers and bulk trailer related parts.

Melvin Collins started the first company, Southeastern Pneumatic, Inc. in Ellaville, Georgia in August 1987 and Southwestern Pneumatic, Inc. in Kyle, Texas in 1995. Prior to these ventures, he had worked for over 20 years for a major dry bulk carrier in the southeast. During this time he recognized a need for a business that could combine dry bulk tank trailers and blowers to handle different types of dry bulk commodities. "We're in a very specialized part of the industry," says Melvin Collins, company owner and president, "A lot of people who sell tank trailers don't know blowers and vice versa. And a lot who sell both don't know commodities...That's our expertise.  Making sure all three work together correctly."

Over the years, we have broadened our expertise to include a wide variety of bulk handling equipment. The companies have authorized factory distributor contracts with major manufacturers which have proven to produce premium equipment for the dry bulk transportation industry.

Recently our customers have asked that we supply them with lowboys - oilfield and heavy hauling multi-axle trailers. This new venture and market was given the name Preferred Lowboys with a new location in north Houston, Texas. Please visit the Preferred Lowboys website for more information at www.PreferredLowboys.com. This has continued to expand and has now been integrated into our Ellaville, GA location.

With the continued expansions brought on by our customer and vendor requests, we have also opened a new facility in Sparks, NV. This facility is large enough to encompass all of our products in one location. This facility is called Pacific Bulk Equipment. You can view more information about this location at www.Pacific.BulkEquipment.com.


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