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TiLite Dump Trailer


Lengths: 24' to 40'
Floor cross members: 4" U's on 12' centers.
Floor sheet: 0.250" aluminum tempered alloy sheet.
Hoist: 8" diameter, 5-stage, single-acting.
Drawbar: Constructed of 3" x 4" x 3/16" wall steel tube.
Landing gear: Non-load bearing stiff leg.
Bulkhead: Wrap-around design, constructed of ¼" aluminum sheet.
Side heights: 48" to 60".
Side sheet: 0.165" aluminum sheet.
Top and bottom rails:
   Exclusive Ti-Brook designed extruded aluminum rails.
Tailgate: Single panel with overhung hinge assembly.
Suspension: Air ride, capacity 25,000 lbs.
Axles: 77.5: track, 25,000-lb. capacity,  "TP" type.
Hubs and drums: Aluminum hub piloted hubs and centrifuse drums.
**Brakes: ABS.
Wheels: Aluminum 10-hole, 22.5 x 8.25,
   four polished and four machine-finished.
Tires: 11R22.5 steel belted radials.

  * All specifications are subject to change without notice.
** To meet 1997 federal requirements, Trail King offers two variations of the anti-lock braking system. The minimum 2S1M system is available, but Trail King recommends the 4S2M system.



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