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Hydraulic Drives

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Hydrapak Hydraulic Oil Cooler

The Hydrapak is a lightweight, compact oil cooler combining the reservoir, filter, control and safety equipment required in a hydraulic system within one assembly. This replaces large, heavy oil tanks and separate ancillaries allowing increased payloads, fast installation and lower running costs.
Why use Oil Coolers
The two ways of cooling the oil (heated by inefficiencies in hydraulic circuits) are:
1. Use enough oil so that the heat created will never become too great during a single discharge.
2. Cool the oil so that the heat created will always be dissipated.
The most effective method is the second one which is smaller, allows the system to operate for unlimited periods, weighs considerably less (allowing the payload of the vehicle to be larger) and uses less oil (running costs).
The compact shape and size of the cooler make it ideal for mounting in small spaces on any chassis.
Heat dissipation
All variations can dissipate a maximum of 8 kW of heat for a 40°C temperature rise in a 45°C ambient automatically (without adjustment of fan speeds).
The Standard Package
The Hydrapak is available in two pressure variations (200 and 300 bar maximum), and three flow versions (60,100 and 140 litre/min).
All variations contain the following integral equipment:
• Oil reservoir (11 litres)
• Cooling fan, radiator and mini hydraulic motor
• Relief valve
• 10 micron oil filter (return)
• Filter / radiator bypass valve
• Oil level sight glass
• Filter block indicator
• Suction elbow and pipe kit
After mounting, the installer simply connects the cooler to the hydraulic pump and motor with no sizing/arranging of any other equipment.

MH Series

Drum pre-engineered, highly efficient, hydraulic oil cooling package that includes an oil reservoir, cooler, return line filter and system relief valve.  The packages are designed to be small, lightweight, quiet and affordable.

Maximum flowrate: 227 l/min (60 USG/min); maximum pressure: 3000 psi (207 bar); maximum heat dissipation: 22.4kW (30hp).

MH1 Hydrapak

• 2 gallon reservoir
• Only 49 lbs. dry
• Flow Rate: Up to 20 gpm
• Pressure: Up to 3000 psi
• Connections:
– High Pressure
12 (3/4") JICM
– Low Pressure Return
12 (3/4") JICM
– Suction –20 NPTF

MH3 Hydrapak

• 4 gallon reservoir
• Only 75 lbs. dry
• Flow Rate: Up to 40 gpm
• Pressure: Up to 3500 psi
• Connections:
– High Pressure
12 (3/4") JICM
– Low Pressure Return
16 (1") JICM
– Suction –24 (1½") Code
61 split flange with
variety of hose barb
– 2" NPTF for flows over
25 gpm

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